Contribute Data

We welcome contributions of additional androgen and glucocorticoid data, provided that they follow the criteria and format in which previous HormoneBase data are compiled.

If you would like to contribute published or unpublished data to HormoneBase, please use the template available here, following the instructions for data entry here.

Please only include:

  • Measures of circulating (plasma) testosterone, 11-ketotestosterone, baseline corticosterone or cortisol, or stress-induced corticosterone or cortisol.
  • Free-living populations. Do not include data from captive studies.
  • Un-manipulated measures. Do not include measures following hormone manipulations or other major treatments (e.g., immune challenges, handicapping). Pre-manipulation values from these populations are fine.
  • Adults. Do not include data from juveniles, or data in which juvenile and adult measures are pooled.
  • Studies where sexes were measured separately. Do not include pooled sex data for any hormone.

We will update the HormoneBase database approximately twice each year, with all publicly-shared versions archived at figshare. If you would like to receive email updates when new versions of HormoneBase are released, please complete this form.